Title: Infected ~ view trailer

Natural selection says that, when faced with a predatory intrusion, all organisms must evolve to survive. However, Darwin made no promises that evolution would lead to improvement...

Narrative: As they’ve been doing for years, Louis and his son Andrew are first to arrive at the peaceful cottage their hunting club rents each deer season, and as the other club members arrive they begin the familiar, relaxing task of setting up the cabin. Deep in the woods, cut off from civilization, they spend a long weekend cleaning, rekindling old friendships, and hunting.

Kelly, the cabin’s caretaker, arrives heavy with news that her grandmother is ill. When grandma disappears in the woods, it is quickly apparent that she is not sick from any ordinary virus.

Reports of hysteria and brutality in rural wooded areas throughout New England. The source of the violence is unknown, and almost universally unprovoked. Normally sane men and women, young and old, have begun committing unimaginably horrific acts...humanity is sick.

As infection spreads inexplicably through the hunting club, one by one, decisions have to be made, and old friends abandoned. You see, all creatures must either evolve to meet new threats, to protect themselves from the predators at the door...or face extinction.


Writers: Robert Rotondo & Glenn Ciano

Director: TBD

Actors: Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Tommy DeNucci, Christy Carlson Romano, Johnny Cicco, Kevin John, & Sera Verdi

Producers: Chad A. Verdi